Dinner tonight: Poached Chicken with Ramen Noodles and Peanut Sauce

Here’s the very loose recipe for this dish. Serves two and can be adjusted up or down as needed.

Poached Chicken with Ramen Noodles and Peanut Sauce

1) Cut cucumbers and carrots into short strips. I also grated part of the carrot to spread the sweetness better through the dish.

2) In a bowl, mix a few tablespoons of smooth peanut butter, a dash (or two) of toasted sesame oil, a dash of rice wine vinegar, a dash of hot sauce (I use sriracha), a couple of teaspoons of sugar, and a generous dash of soy sauce. Stir, adding a little bit of hot water or sesame oil if the peanut butter doesn’t easily get smooth. Taste and adjust according to what you like. (If the sauce is too thin or won’t get smooth, heat in a pan and stir until smooth.)
3) Boil water in a pot and add a boneless, skinless chicken breast and cook until just done. It should be moist when you cut into it but not pink. The time will depend on how thick the meat is. Slice chicken in strips.
4) Cook ramen noodles in the hot broth as per instructions. The brand I got, purchased from the H Mart in Upper Darby, said 4 minutes. (If any of the chicken seems a little underdone, throw it into the water to finish cooking it.) Drain.
5) Mix hot noodles with chicken and peanut sauce. Toss veggies on top. Squeeze a hefty slice of lime juice over it all. Add extra salt or soy to taste.
— Maura C.

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  1. Rose, you are so right about saving the broth! If I didn’t have to make the noodles, I would have cooked the broth down (to save freezer space and concentrate flavor) and used it as you suggested.

    I’ve been listening to the Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio podcast and several times he and his guests have mentioned poaching as a two-for-one. I had thought about pan sautéing the chicken but then thought, why dirty another pan? Poaching was perfect.

    Thanks for signing up for the blog notices! Nice to see you in this space.

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