About Us

Our First Sunset In The Bisti Di Na Zin National Wilderness Area, NM

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Maura C. and John G., both originally from the Philadelphia, PA, area. We met on May 4, 1990 and have been together ever since. We married in May 1996.

Maura & John’s Wedding Day – Photo by David Swanson

Maura has been a journalist and a freelance writer and editor since graduating from Temple University School of Journalism in 1982. M worked at a number of small newspapers and then was hired as a reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she worked for seven years. Since then, she has worked in corporate and educational organizations but more than anything she loves the life that freelance writing lets her have: different clients, different topics, different writing/edition projects, and, well, just different everything. Plus, it’s something she can do on the road, which she does.

John could be described as a Jack of all trades and a master of some. Every few months his bio needs to be updated due less to his adding a new skill set than the fact that his attention span is similar to a hyperactive five year old. His expertise includes a working knowledge of electronic circuits, the ability to tune, repair¬† and restore pianos, player pianos and analog/tube organs, a firm grasp of the design and grinding of fine optics in both corrective lenses (human) and earth re-entry windows (Apollo moon mission) back a “few” years!)¬† He’s also learnt a few things in the fifty years of strumming and picking the guitar.